Diary of a Lagos girl: Episode 1 (The search for honesty)

 Diary of a Lagos girl: Episode 1 (The search for honesty)

By Larondo

Honesty, they say is the best legacy, but why are honest people difficult to come by these days?

Across the world, the search for honesty, a time-tested virtue for a better society, is rife.

Nowadays, the sacrifice for honesty could be demanding. To be honest in this clime is to be ready for challenges and even assault from people, especially those you least expect. In all of these, you can actually still be honest if you are so committed to it. My recent experience in Lagos, has shown that all that is required to being honest is our determination.

Yesternight I left my sister’s very late.  Thought I wouldn’t get a bike to my coat abode but I did and was glad. The road was bad and the bike went rowing Lagos street but not gently this time around. I only made a silent prayer to God that angel Micheal should pin me to the bike with his sword so that my lanky body does not get blown away by the night breeze.

On getting to my destination, I sighed in relief, dipped my hand into my ‘fisherman’s bag and brought out a N200 note (my last cash).

The man shone a dim light on the wads of Naira notes with him and gave me a damaged note. I felt it, didn’t bother to check, and assured myself that it was my balance (N100). This morning, as I opened my bag to pick my transport fare, I was struck with awe. Lo and behold, N500 lies in my bag!

Having been brought up from a very religious background, I asked myself “have I been touched by the wings of an angel” but I discarded it since I lost that touch.

Then, it struck me! The bike man had made a mistake! This is someone’s hard earned money. I wasn’t comfortable any longer. I still had that iota of morality in me. I resolved to visit the park

But I couldn’t recognise the man.

But I saw an old bike rider like him. Felt I should just give him the money. Whether it’s for him or not, it’s his luck. But as at that time, another bike man came on looking like the man whose bike I had boarded the previous day.  I was more confused. But I wasn’t ready to go with the money.

So, I approached the Plaza association and I was greeted with shouts of “where you dey go? ” I replied immediately.

“Oga Abeg I enter one bike yesterday night and the bike man did not give me my complete change”

They all denied.  Then I said “if I had said I wanted to dash you all something important, you wouldn’t deny it oo”

Then one of the old men said “I was even cheated yesterday night sef. A girl gave me N200 and went with 500 change.  I was hurt but it was my fault”

I just “jejely” whispered to him where I was going and when I got to my destination, gave him the N500 that covers both his balance and the coat of transport to my current destination.

Always strive to be honest in your dealings, for that is the right way to achieve good success.

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