Demystifying the concept of feminism (concluding part): The problems with feminism in Nigeria

 Demystifying the concept of feminism (concluding part): The problems with feminism in Nigeria

By Chinagorom Ugwu

Recently, this writer started a series on feminism, examining various perspectives — cultural, religious and legal — of the concept as it relates to Nigeria.

In addition to the various perspectives of the concept explored so far, this edition of the series would focus on other issues concerning feminism in Nigeria. You can read the previous series here. In this concluding part, the writer examines the problems with feminism in Nigeria.

The major problem with feminism especially in Nigeria is that most feminists in Nigeria do not share the same understanding. They have different views on women rights and obligations. For instance, some feminists advance for complete rights to live their lives and stay unmarried while others get married and in fact, accept the husband as the head of the family.

Two Feminists in Nigeria hardly agree on the tenets of the philosophy. They lack organization. They are not organized. Another problem is that most people who uphold this philosophy do not understand it. They seem to support it on basis that a popular musician or celebrity supports it.

A Third problem with Nigerian Feminists is that, most times, people who uphold the philosophy do so on the basis that they were heartbroken or abused when they were growing up and they try to picture every man within that context. This has led many people to associate feminists with Anger, bitterness, rage, rancour etc.

In conclusion, the heart of feminism is a rebellion against God-ordained hierarchy. It is also a rebellion against God’s plan itself. However, there is no room to imagine that women are inferior to men. There is no ground to assume that women are less important than men just because their rights are not identically the same as men.

Women should drop the idea of feminism and work in harmony with men to make society a better place for us. Finally, feminists who call for the abolition of differentiation of the roles of the sexes should know that it is ridiculous. This is because though Nature has not willed a perfect equality among the two “Sexes, but a complemented distribution of avocations and functions. For instance, it will not be possible for man to biologically conceive a baby.  Similarly, the natural attributes of men cannot be exercised by women. It is now clearer that there is no need for feminism in our society especially for Christians and Muslims as well as Africans.

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