Democratic gun-vernment: a military system with a democratic mask

 Democratic gun-vernment: a military system with a democratic mask

Pandemonium, sounds of gunshots, lamentations and hunger, kidnapping and banditry traceable to unemployment and poverty alongside unbearable inflation defined a democratic gun-vernment and NOT a democratic system.

It’s unfortunate that Nigerians, in a desperate search for a democratic government that will bring peace and development got misled, misinformed and deceived by conspirators that brought in democratic gun-vernment instead of democratic government.

A country of an average population of 200million got it all wrong again and again. The consequences are overwhelming the nation to the roof. 

And now, sounds of gunshots are becoming a normal culture while kidnapping has become a booming business. 

In a democratic gun-vernment, arresting kidnappers, curbing banditry, providing a sound educational system, creating employment opportunities and prioritising people’s welfare are not their jobs.

But more currency notes can be secretly printed to cover up poor economic policies. Rights of bandits and terrorists are more valued compared to that of peaceful protesters.

Masses are ignorant that Gun-vernment doesn’t recognize justice for all and some animals are more equal than others. Gun-vernment decides what court order to obey or ignore based on preference.

Masses have no say in a democratic gun-vernment. Even if people feel unsafe that a tourist sympathizer handles their data and clamours for his replacement. It’s not in their culture to listen to masses demands.

Experience has shown that gun-vernment doesn’t understand freedom of press and is careless about Human Rights. Under their harsh leadership, laws and regulations are silent and suspended unknown  to the governed.

Leaders of the twisted government are deaf to the truth, tyrants and oppression lovers. Their leadership encourage and tribal and religious hegemony. 

God is not a man, sometimes, God gives chances for evil, so that man can learn and grow in wisdom.

We have tasted Gun-vernment. It left for people to learn and grow in knowledge. 

The young people who have no jobs, who can’t marry or care for loved ones bear the brunt more and should take the bull by the horn and seek real change. 

It’s good with take up responsibility, take up PVC and not Gun to decide our future and that of our  coming generations.

The time to decide is now, not until 2023 when the deed would have been done.

The crooks are good at their antics, they know what to do, when and how to carry their hell agenda out . 

It’s good we understand 2023 is meant to seal the decision on how we want the future to be.

It’s time for liberation, arise o compatriots, let’s take charge  and discharge these evils.

God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria

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