CRISPNG unveils show to amplify youth voices in nation-building

 CRISPNG unveils show to amplify youth voices in nation-building

CrispNigeria, the youth-driven platform, has unveiled a weekly show to amplify the voices of the youths in nation-building.

In a statement on Tuesday, the company said the show — tagged ‘Youths Yarn’ — will take place on Twitter every Sunday by 7:30 pm.

The statement said the weekly show is scheduled to commence on April 16 and will feature diverse views of young, passionate Nigerians on issues affecting the country.

“As a platform, we are intensifying our push to ensure Nigerian youths have the platform to express themselves on issues that affect them. This initiative is just one of them. Our mandate to achieve societal rebirth is sacrosanct,” it reads.

“The youths are the bedrock of every nation and Nigeria cannot be an exception. At a period when the unity of the country is threatened and trust in government is dwindling among the young ones, we must sustain healthy conversations on possible solutions to our problem as a nation.

“We are confident this weekly space will give Nigerian youths the opportunity to speak about issues that matter to them. We expect a robust conversation and hope the initiative will achieve its set objectives.”

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