CrispNG partners UCJ-UNN to promote campus journalism in Nigeria

 CrispNG partners UCJ-UNN to promote campus journalism in Nigeria

To further amplify voices of young people, CrispNG, a youth-driven platform, has partnered with Union of Campus Journalist, University of Nigerian, Nsukka (UCJ-UNN) to promote campus journalism.

Blessing Chukwuneke, in a statement on behalf of CrispNG, said the development resonates with the organisation’s vision.

“Mentoring young people and equipping them with the knowledge required to drive societal change is something we prioritise as an organisation,” she said.

“We believe this initiative will give students of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) the platform to share their views on issues they are passionate about and be mentored by experienced journalists.”

On her part, President of UCJ-UNN, Ndidiamaka Ede, said the collaboration will help members of the union to become better writers.

Ede, a 400-level student of mass communication at UNN, said: “The collaboration is a good one, because it’s about UCJ-UNN members having many opportunities to learn, and grow in the world of writings.

“My main plan for the group has always been individual development in the aspect of writing which will eventually result to societal development. Everything my team and I are currently working on is about laying foundation that will serve as backbone to the members even after our administration.

“I know that this collaboration is something that will help the members learn more about writing as one can only learn how to write by writing.”

The UCJ-UNN president said some of the problems student journalists face include time constraint and rejection from media houses

“In the area of journalism, the problem we students Journalists/writers face mainly is time factor. You know as a student, you have to do all of these coupled with your academics. Because of incessant strikes, there’s always this rush each semester,” she added.

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“Students on the other hand find it difficult to balance this aspect because they believe that the first reason they are in the institution is to pass their exams. Which is true. Though with determination and time management, one can still write consistently and as well make his or her papers. Many have refused to join UCJ. They feel some of these things can distract one from making As.

“This problem can be solved by sensitizing the members and aspiring members on the need to practice while in school and how one can manage his time effectively as a student and as a writer.

“Another big problem is rejection of stories. You know some media organization don’t understand that we are still learning, so when you send a story that they don’t like instead of telling you what to do to get it right, they will just reject the story. You know, as a budding writer, rejection can cause one to stop writing.

“Another factor that is similar to that is delaying of stories. Sometimes, a story can be good, but editors because of time delay our stories, so by the time the story is published, even the writer already lost interest in it. The solution to this is on the side of the editors because maybe they edit stories based on priority.

“Another reason students do not write is that they feel it is a waste of time, so even when they have the time, they use it on another thing that will give them money instead of investing their time and energy on something that will earn them nothing.

“It is only a few who have passion for writing that will continue to write with the small resources they are getting from their parents. But even as that, at a point such students get tired. The solution to this is stipend, no matter how small. Even if it is ordinary data, it will go a long way to encouraging the student writer.

“Most times, if I asked students to do a story, the person will be like, do you want me to waste my time, I don’t even have anything to eat.

“My advice to them has always been this, whether money, or no money, do that which you enjoy doing. I see writing not just as a profession, but as a passion.

“From my experiences, sometimes I get tired also because I keep using my resources to do these things, but my motivation has always been that I learn as I write, I also solve problems as I write and I am also building my CV as I write.

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“So, this is me telling other aspiring Journalists that writing might not give you money as a student, but you are learning what will give you money in the future.

“You are learning how to solve societal problems. Writing as a student is a big learning on its own. It means you might not be paid in cash, but you are being paid in kind.”

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