CrispNG Parliament: Are men wired to cheat as 2Baba claimed?

 CrispNG Parliament: Are men wired to cheat as 2Baba claimed?

Nigerian music legend, Innocent Idibia, popularly known as 2Baba, recently stirred the hornet’s nest when he claimed men are naturally wired to cheat.

The music star made the remark when he featured on season 2 of the reality show ‘Young, Famous and African’.

Speaking on the show, the ‘African Queen’ crooner argued that men’s sexual drive is something uncontrollable and naturally so.

“Like it or not, men are wired like that. A man will love a woman to hell. But maybe he is somewhere, his d**k would just decide something to f**k,” he had said on the show.

2Baba is known for his polygamous personality. He has seven children with three different women.

His comment, however, did not sit well with many people considering the fact that he made the remark in the presence of Annie Macaulay–Idibia, his wife.

In this article, CrispNG Parliament sampled the opinions of people to know their take on the matter.

Chidi Okoye

Men are polygamous in nature, I’m a realist and I like being factual. Forget about our civilization and colonisation, all of a sudden Africans are now behaving like the whites. The name Africa is being contended, after all, we are Ethiopians.

We should know that from the beginning, our men are polygamous in nature, we usually marry more than one wife. Not just Africans, if you trace back to the biblical era we have people like Solomon and King David, so if one wants to look at it from the Christianity view, I’ll say that people didn’t judge men of God based on how many wives they married, I don’t even know why it’s now the perception of Christianity that we have worldwide.

Moses married two wives, David is a man after God’s own heart and he had many wives, Solomon had 1000 but these are people who God gave exalted positions. It’s the British that came to say we had to have one wife which is not right, in the olden days men married more than one wife for the sake of agriculture, to improve their labour force.

Although, If you want to marry more than one wife there should be a level of respect, that’s why I respect the Muslims, these are people who have not derailed from the culture because in Islam your wife doesn’t determine your level of spirituality but it’s only in Christianity that the number of wives you marry determines your spirituality.

If you feel like you want to marry more than one wife and your budget can carry it then go ahead, but if it doesn’t then just marry one wife, it shouldn’t be an issue. Women are supposed to be subjective, they are supposed to respect their men you’re not supposed to marry more than one man if you check it anywhere in the world you find that is the same thing it’s rare to see otherwise but, men are allowed to marry as many wives as they want.

King David and Solomon were not Africans, they were white men if I’m not mistaken how come are we now having a different perspective? Others may want one wife, I’m a very cultured person I would not want to stick with one woman but that doesn’t mean that I do not love my wife or wives. There’s this prophecy in Isaiah 54 vs 1 that hasn’t been fulfilled, it’s about 7 women clinging to a man and begging to be married which will definitely happen.

Ola Solomon

I do not want to agree totally that men are wired to cheat. I’m married, and I’ve got one wife and two kids by the grace of God, cheating in itself is not just what we think it is on the surface cheating is a very broad topic. Some men in their hays days had girlfriends with a special girl who they considered marriageable and when they eventually get married they stay true to their wives.

That one person is a cheat doesn’t mean that it’s the same with everybody, it could be a cultural thing because in some cultures or religions, you are allowed to marry more than one wife but that doesn’t mean that you are wired to cheat, I do not cheat on my wife for example but I know of friends who actually do and do not hide it because they’ll be like, “guy, I know supposed to dey chop rice every day, make I try something else”, but for me, I cannot do that because I can’t even stand it if you think that there’s something that you see outside their that your wife doesn’t have why don’t you make your wife into that thing.

For me, I appreciate my wife more now that she has given birth to two children, because I appreciate the sacrifices she made, and I keep asking myself why men keep running outside. If she looks older than what she’s meant to look like it’s left for you to make sure that she’s just in shape, if not, you’ll keep on going outside and coming up with the narrative that men are wired to cheat, you can never be satisfied even if you like to get married to ten women, that thing that made you marry the second one will keep pushing to get married to many more, at the end of the day, after chasing probably younger girls you’ll end up losing resources.

Some people say variety is the spice of life, but can you really tell whoever you want to get married to that you’ll cheat even after getting married, I doubt that out of 10 there’ll be 1 to say that. I’ve seen people who are more beautiful than my wife, and I’ve been tempted to cheat because I’m human, but it’s just a thing of the mind, me telling myself that I shouldn’t do it.

If I go after one today, there’s still be a flaw in that one will still make me go after another, if men are wired to cheat why do Messi and Ronaldo still have partners who they’ve been with for many years and are still faithful to them. Now, the question is why do men cheat? when you start finding answers to these questions, then you begin to make adjustments that will curtail cheating.

Okuneye Tosin

I don’t think men are exclusively wired to cheat, I feel it is in human nature. If it were women marrying men, the narrative will move to women being wired to cheat. Why it’s prevalent with men is because they are providers and their partners may feel loyal to them because of that, there are cultures where women marry more than one husband, everyone is wired to cheat but it boils down to responsibility and individual decisions.

Sunday Elom

In the case of 2Baba, out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. There’s a difference between someone being polygamous or polyandrous and someone being a cheat. Cheating in the dictionary means illegal.

I beg to differ from 2baba and anyone who supports him because biblically and biologically everyone is wired with a quest for more. If we say that men are exclusively wired to cheat, why do we have women that aren’t sex workers but have up to five boyfriends?

Why do we have women that jump from one marriage to another? Why do we have women who cheat on their husbands even while being married? Nobody is specially wired in anyway. If we begin to talk of biblical men that married many wives, how did most of them end?

The end of a marriage or relationship is not a determinant of how partners there are, if one person can give you trouble, how much more two or more? So, as far as you are human there’s always this desire for more. It will always be a subjective argument to say that men are wired to cheat or even to be polygamous if it’s not because of man’s deliberate desire Jesus answered that question in the bible as “in the beginning, God created them male and female”.

When the Bible made that prophecy in Isaiah he didn’t say to cheat but marry. There are people who are married to seven wives and still cheat on their wives, this is actually based on individual lifestyle. Why was Solomon not satisfied with 700 wives and 300 concubines? I strongly do not believe in the generalization that men are wired to cheat.

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