CRISPNG.COM announces results for maiden essay contest

 CRISPNG.COM announces results for maiden essay contest


Dear participant,

On behalf of CRISPNG.COM, we thank you immensely for your participation in the just concluded writing contest which sought your opinion on ‘What does it mean to live a good life?’. We apologize for the delay in release of the essay results. Being the first of its kind, the management deem it fit to ensure proper structures are put in place to ensure fairness is achieved for this edition of the contest and subsequent ones. This caused the slight delay in the assessment process.

That been said, we received your submissions, and our encouragement was once more reinforced with delight springing from the indications that our goal at CRISPNG.COM which is commitment towards a societal rebirth has supports from a good number of you who share our mission and goal.

The internet has become a two-edged sword which is continuously creating a sharp divide between those who get enriched and those who get deprived by it. We have seen those who became wealthier (not just in monetary terms), and those who became poorer because of the internet. This has affected our sense of reasoning and invariably our communication prowess. Some may argue that English is not our mother tongue, but that is the same with hand-held phones, television, modern drugs, tarred roads, and many other foreign products we’ve got used to. The argument should rather be on the benefits each of these products/languages avail. Hence, there is great need for us to use this internet to maximize our learning opportunities especially as it pertains to grammar; law of concord, spelling, pronunciation, punctuation, diction, et cetera. This is because we discovered, while assessing your submissions, that great ideas were lynched on the altar of wrong grammatical expressions and low articulations. Nobody is perfect, but let us see you proof-read your work, keep it simple, have control over your ideas.

Nonetheless, we commend your seriousness on the topic. It is common but hard. Most of you went as far as backing your ideas up with authorities, referencing your works, and at the same time keeping it away from religious enclaves. There were long sentences that didn’t lose their points, beautiful punctuations that enhanced understanding and personal styles that showed self-development and personal practices. In all, we saw spirits that cannot die even in the grave.

So, keep reading. Keep writing. Don’t allow the other side of the new media to uproot your brains and capabilities, make your walls on social media distinct; see them as your experimental classroom than a place to fish for ‘likes’ and ‘comments’, with time, you’ll attract like minds (which is most important).

Let us use this opportunity to say congratulation to our winner, Ekpali Saint, who will receive a cash price of N5,000. We are also say congratulations to Estavan Egbedi and Fidelis Favour Chiamaka who emerged second and third respectively in the contest. Based on our stance, we shall be rewarding only the first winner for this maiden edition of the contest. We shall also be publishing the first three best entries for the contest on the website.

We recommend that the winner and the other two should join CRISPNG.COM for mutual benefit while we urge others to equally partner with us in quest to achieve societal rebirth.

We thank the team and the leader of the CRISPNG.COM for this opportunity.

Onyekere Ifeanyi Mandela                                                                                                                         James Ojo A.

For the Review Panel                                                                                                                              Editor,



                                                                                                          Okuneye Tosin

                                                                                              For the Organising Committee

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