COVID-19: Ten productive things youths can do as they stay at home

 COVID-19: Ten productive things youths can do as they stay at home

By Zainab Olawunmi

One, two, three… That was how the count started but sooner than expected, the rhythm changed and the numbers grew exponentially to 51, 59…91, 190, 210 and now 254. This is figure of COVID-19 cases in Nigeria. The novel coronavirus has taken an unexpected turn on the African continent and the world at large.

Several governments across the world have encouraged their citizens to stay at home in a bid to contain the spread of the disease, and Nigeria is no exception in this case. Some state governments have implemented curfew, thereby preventing movements of persons and the federal government recently ordered a 14 days lock down in Lagos, Ogun, and the federal capital territory where more cases have been confirmed when compared to other states.

The lockdown has led to a compulsory restriction of movement. People now stay at home as against their will. As they do, they battle with several issues, particularly boredom. However, youths can get the best out of this lockdown while staying indoor. With the help of an internet connection on a smart phone or laptop device, there is a whole lot of productive tasks to be done. Below is list of some productive activities youths can engage in:


Verily, skill is one of those things you can’t exhaust in life. There is always one lesson or another to learn. Such lesson might be connected to your line of profession, something capable of landing your dream job, or an art which will save you some stress later. Above all, the more skill you learn, the more valuable you become. At this period, skills that can be learnt include graphics design, web design, power point presentation, among others. There are several websites where such skills can be acquired.


With several websites for food, food vlog, and chef pages on the internet, there is a whole lot of food experiments that can be done indoor. Perhaps, it could be the one thing you need to steal someone’s heart now or sometimes later. All you need is the recipe for the meal and a video or book guide. It gets more interesting if done with someone or a group of people you care about, such as your family, friend or partner.

TAKE ONLINE COURSES: One of the numerous benefits of globalization is that you can now take courses in foreign universities while staying in your home country. E-learning, Distance Learning, among other names have been created to describe such model of education. As a professional in a particular field, an enthusiast or a prospective role player in a market industry, there are several courses you can offer online to prepare better and boost your competence. Coursera, Udemy, edX, Khan Academy, among others render such online services.

READ BOOKS: To find knowledge is to find power. But knowledge isn’t found in the dreams when you sleep, it is hidden in books and the way to gather knowledge is to read books. Reading books will not only keep you occupied, it will expand your horizons, and change your perspective towards several things. You can download books online or through applications on Google PlayStore such as AnyBooks.

LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE: There are at least 4,500 languages in the world, ranging from both local to foreign. Learning a new language is a productive activity during the lockdown period. There are several jobs which requires proficiency in a particular language and learning a lot of foreign languages is a good way to prepare for international opportunities.

If you’re a final student in a tertiary institution, this is probably the best time to work on your final year project. Literature review could be a time consuming section of an academic research work. Through available related studies on the internet, you can start your literature review, thereby saving more time for other engagements after school resumes. Likewise, if you’re an academic or research enthusiast, you can dedicate this period to writing research papers for publications in both local and international journals.


It is often said that life is fun with beautiful musics. And with a good dance to support the beautiful songs, you’re in for more fun than imagined. Practicing new dance steps is a good way to relax your body, remain social and have fun. It gets more interesting when done with loved ones.

EXCERCISE YOUR BODY: If you rarely pay attention to your health or body posture, this is the time to make things up. Regular excercise increase health condition as it affects every part of the body. It reduces fat, increases stamina, and relieves the body of stress. Although jogging around the neighborhood is no longer an option at the moment, body exercise can be done indoor. There are several applications that can help to keep track of progress and give suggestions for right postures during exercise.

REST WELL: One of the benefits of this lockdown is that it affords enough time for rest. Youths often exhibit more energy that it often becomes difficult to stay at one place for little while. With the lockdown, there is sufficient time to relax the nerves and gather some rest. It is time to get enough sleep, to eat good food and drink more water.


This is the time to watch those movies you have always had in mind or those you stored on your laptop a long time ago. It is the time share memories your family and friends.

In conclusion, with the rising figures of confirmed coronavirus cases in Nigeria, and the record of new deaths from the disease, it is clear that the end of this lockdown isn’t in sight. The fact that no cure has been found for this deadly infection gives more concern but as you remain indoor, it is better you engage in productive activities rather than unnecessary chit-chats.

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