Correcting the falsehood against SKI International Hotel, Lekki

 Correcting the falsehood against SKI International Hotel, Lekki

SKI International Hotel, situated in Bogije, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos, is a reputable Hospitality Organization with world class hotel facilities.

Our attention has been drawn to a malicious publication against SKI International Hotel, Lekki, being circulated on social media and authored by one Mr. Adeoba Shedrach; a one-night guest who stayed in our hotel at Bogije, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos, on the 11th of April, 2022.

The Management of SKI International Hotel, Ibeju-Lekkki, Lagos is very surprised that a simple incident of mistaken room identity by another guest, which was promptly addressed and resolved, was maliciously used as a tool for defaming our esteemed hotel, in an attempt to tarnish the reputation which we have built with the highest level of hoteling services over the years.

The use of the social media comes with high responsibilies and they are not for the purposes of spreading falsehood, malice, running down the business of fellow citizens and causing damages to hard earned respect and reputation of others as being perpetrated by Mr. Adeoba Shedrach.

To set the records right: At about 12 midnight on Monday, April 11, 2022, Mr. Adeoba Shedrack, booked into two rooms in our hotel with some accompanying persons.  At precisely 1:47 A.M., he called to say that there has been a knock on the door of his room and that the person said he was coming from the reception.

According to him, he did not open the door. Mr. Adeoba said that he immediately called the receptionist who said that she was not aware of the development. Furthermore, Mr. Adeoba called the contact phone numbers provided by the hotel for enquiries, which was promptly answered inspite of the fact that it was very late into the night.

Upon the complaint by Mr. Adeoba, SKI International Hotel swung into action immediately, and through a remote online review of our CCTV footage, was able to identify that a guest had knocked on Mr. Adeoba’s door.

When the guest was questioned, he said that having gone down from his floor to look for a phone charger at the reception, he came back up and knocked on the door of Mr. Adeoba’s room; thinking that it was his room because they were at about the same location, but at different floors; he mistook the floor for his.

He also added  that he was expecting his partner, who was in the room, to open the door for him but when a strange voice answered him, he walked away, knowing that he has knocked on a wrong door (we have the CCTV footage).

The hotel management, being aware of the current security situation in the country, did not leave the matter at that but went further and immediately embarked on full scale security check in and around the hotel premises; but there was no apparent threat. Our security personnel who were on duty were all mobilized on this task.

To allay Mr. Adeoba’s apprehension, we deployed one of the security personnel to mount guard PERMANENTLY in front of Mr. Adeoba’s door till break of day (Mr. Shedrack Adeoba acknowledged this).

While we understand the security apprehension in the country, it is unfair to blackmail a fellow citizen or business with insinuations that cause harm to their good image and integrity among members of the public. Despite all our efforts to assuage the concerns of Mr. Shedrach Adeoba, and having resolved his complaints, we were shocked to see the falsehood authored by him in the social media.

We hereby emphatically state that the insecurity insinuated in the message against SKI International Hotel, Bogije, Lagos, is false. It is also very clear that Mr. Adeoba was out to deliberately tarnish our image when he stated in a video he circulated that the hotel was dark and CCTV not working.

It is strange how a guest could just conclude that our CCTV was not working. As evident in the CCTV footage we have, it is clear that our lighting and CCTV are efficiently working as against his statement (all CCTV footages for that night are available).

Mr Adeoba also insinuated that he and his team were the only guests in the hotel for the night. That was a blatant lie as can be inferred from the foregoing explanations and the available CCTV footages.
We call on our esteemed customers and the general public to, kindly, disregard the harmful publication against SKI International Hotel, Bogije, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos.

Being a responsible and responsive organization which continuously hosts many guests and events, we assure our customers and the general public of our firm commitment to continue to render topnotch professional hospitality services at all times. God bless Nigeria!

SKI International Hotel, Bogije, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos.

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