Children of the oppressed

 Children of the oppressed

By Akpalako Stella Idowu

They claim we are children of the same mother
But heavy Burdens have they laid upon us
Daily sun rise reveals to us fresh orchestrated harsh and constant fear
An unimaginable reality we assimilated with joyous grieve
For a peculiar history did we engrave the day we extinguished our Foreign oppressors

With stream of tears, now we beckon on them
But our luck still strain
For our bosom oppressors still tranquil us beyond our maternal borders
Spaces have we no more to hide the departed
Whose red fluid the earth daily suck
For our oppressors rejoiceth at the echoes of our cracking teeth
How long shall we endure this war?
Although we are bound together in one voice
Fear seems like our greatest enemy

We barely muter anything these days lest the tormentors return
For those who witnessed the germinating perilous times
Have learnt to always look away
The experiences are unworthy of memories they claim
The injured we still have in our midst
The wounded on crutches and sticks still re-enact the historical horror
We are caged against our best capacities with our fate in dangling swing
Our mechanism can no longer hold on
Unable to achieve a full self-actualization we recline to wishful wish

A little sunlight seems to have come for a solace
With just a little ray of hope
But our drummers drumeth from above board with fainting echo of hope
The child of the oppressed has refused to be freed.
But we must go forward …
Undoubtedly onwards, till the creator our hope indeed restores

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