Check if it’s positive, realisable…How to test your dream (4)

 Check if it’s positive, realisable…How to test your dream (4)

By Sunday Orodiran

“The greatest dream a man can have is the one that makes life better for others”

We are glad to have another chance today to be able to open our inner room and bring out something from God’s deposits. As we commit ourselves to reading this tidbit I pray that our lives will continue to mirror blessing in Jesus name.

Having talked about dream and the necessity to possess one, we see that there is much to this concept; we are making it our duty to let us get every important step we need to take to make our dreams realizable. From this perspective, we have to discuss today what we tagged as “Test Your Dream”.

Sometimes ago, a man dreamed of becoming the most powerful man on earth.

He was too sure of himself and knew nothing would stop him to achieve this dream. He started making some plans and found out that in order to attain this height, he had to govern all souls. He went ahead to get power from Lucifer and made himself strong. He began to terrorize his people and started killing them one after the other. After so many years of his atrocities, he became the ever worst man on earth.

His people rose against him and he was eventually killed. Yes, every great or worst thing starts from a dream. Nobody starts building a house without firstly creating the plan in his mind. Life is built on our mental pictures. But at times it’s not every picture we conceive in our minds that can be established. Human heart is desperately wicked, until God immerses us in his spirit we can’t get rid of wickedness. This is why we need to test all dreams. We need to carefully place our dreams on test tube in order to see if they are in line with Gods fulfilling agenda. How?

1. Test Your Dream If It Blesses Humanity: All of us must run this test. There are some dreams that are capable of ending this world. They will come through minds. But each of us must be careful on which kind of dream do we create in our minds. We must watch not to have a dream that won’t bless humanity. A good dream must have something to offer this world. It must beautify the world not to destroy it. Check your dream carefully, is it for the world or against humanity?

2. Test If Your Dream Is Positive: DREAM must be positive. It must be a divine plan that will discharge positivity to you and to the lives of others. Ask yourself, will this dream benefit others? Will it add something positive to people’s lives? The greatest dream is the one that blesses others. You must not forget that.

3. Test If Your Dream Is Realizable: I want to say that, all things human beings can conceive are realizable but not all things will be realized. You have to be careful on this. Don’t create a dream that you cannot realize. Let your mind shape greater things that can be established. Some people dreamed of building a tower to connect the sky to the earth. But this dream could not be achieved because it is not feasible. But another people dreamed of setting us a device in the sky that will connect the whole world together, yes, today they build internet that connects you and me together. Let your dream be realizable.

4. Test Your Dream If It Aligns With God: There are so many dreams around the world today that are not of God. Yes, we must say the truth. That doesn’t mean dreams that are not of God cannot be realized. But I want to put it straight to you that anything that’s devoid of God is vanity. We must learn how to adjust our dream to the structure of God. If your dream is not in shape with God, you may end up achieving a lot but fulfilling nothing.
Test your dream and see it approved.

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