Busaosowo Foundation holds training to enhance drug abuse prevention efforts in Enugu

 Busaosowo Foundation holds training to enhance drug abuse prevention efforts in Enugu

Busaosowo Foundation, a faith-based non-profit organisation that identifies and responds to the challenges faced by youths, has held a training session to enhance drug abuse prevention efforts in Enugu State.

The session was held with support from Projects for Peace as part of the ‘Engage Not Disrupt’ initiative.

The event was aimed at creating a platform for civil society organizations working in drug prevention to engage and collectively develop effective strategies to address the challenge of drug abuse in Enugu State through collaboration.

The ‘Engage Not Disrupt’ project seeks to empower young individuals with essential life, social, and vocational skills, equipping them to navigate daily challenges without resorting to drugs or violence.

During the training session, participants had the opportunity to share their field experiences, network, and learn new strategies for implementing interventions. The event featured presentations by Busaosowo Bisong Esq, the Executive Director of Busaosowo Foundation, and Ome Adjai Eyeuche (ACN), Assistant State Commander of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Enugu.

In his presentation titled “Understanding the Drug Abuse Situation in Enugu,” Busaosowo Bisong Esq highlighted the alarming statistic that Enugu State had over 370,000 drug users as of 2018 according to the UNODC Drug Use Report of 2018.

He also pointed out the rising cases of mental health issues and cultism among young people attributed to drug and substance abuse.

According to Busaosowo Bisong, one of the key factors exacerbating the drug abuse situation in Enugu is unintentional parenting.

“There is a worrisome knowledge gap between parents and their children regarding drug abuse. Many parents in the state lack sufficient knowledge to engage in effective communication with their children on this issue. Some parents, when confronted with the topic of drug abuse, become defensive, misunderstanding the conversation as an implication that their children may be experimenting with drugs,” he said.

Regarding the government’s response to the drug use challenge in the state, Busaosowo Bisong noted the absence of a clear-cut policy or intervention by the state government to address the issue. Rehabilitation services in the state are nearly non-existent, and the government’s approach appears to be more reactive than proactive.

There is currently no comprehensive policy in place within secondary schools to prepare students to resist drug abuse, and the guidance and counseling departments in most public schools lack the necessary capacity to effectively address this challenge.

Assistant State Commander Ome Adjai Eyeuche emphasized the importance of civil society organizations involved in drug prevention understanding the risk factors specific to their communities. This understanding is crucial in determining the most appropriate interventions. The NDLEA expressed openness to collaboration in order to combat drug use and acknowledged the positive impact of such meaningful conversations on preventive efforts.

The Busaosowo Foundation was commended for its commitment to facilitating meaningful discussions on drug prevention in the state.

A major highlight of the training session was the introduction of the Drug Abuse Prevention Trainers’ Booklet developed and published by Busaosowo Foundation. This booklet serves as a valuable resource to enhance drug abuse prevention efforts at home and in schools. All participants received complimentary copies, which will support their future prevention initiatives.

The event also included a question and answer session as well as group discussions to foster a collaborative and responsible approach to tackling drug abuse in Enugu State.

Busaosowo Foundation and Projects for Peace remain dedicated to their ongoing efforts to prevent drug abuse among young people, promote education, advocate for disability rights, and empower youth in Enugu State. By working together with various stakeholders, they aim to create a society free from from the devastating effects of drug abuse and ensure a brighter future for all.

Below are photos of the event:

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