Beyond the rotten smell of farts

 Beyond the rotten smell of farts

Photo Credit: New Health Advisor

By Ugwu Patience

People tend to be bashful about almost everything and most times, these things may be helpful to them. We can’t keep talking about the health benefits of orange, water melon and so on while neglecting other important topics like farting. It is no longer news that majority of our society members view farting as a great offence. In fact, anyone that has ever cut an audible fart in the company of others will testify that it was perhaps one of the most embarrassing moments of their life. But beyond the rotten smell of farts, lies a great deal of health benefits.

Call it flatulence, farting, breaking wind or releasing gas, it doesn’t get any better but it can have a dramatic positive influence on your health. Go through the items below and see how farting could be of great benefit to your health:

(1)  Farting notifies you of impending/existing health issues: your gas can predict major health issues early thereby giving you a sign to get to the doctor and have yourself evaluated. For instance, extreme smells, increasing gas frequency and strange gas pains can alert you to conditions as mild as lactose intolerance or even cancer. Paying attention to your farts will be of great help.

(2). The odour is good for your health: this may sound weird to you but researches have shown that farts contain a compound called hydrogen sulfide which can protect us from potential illnesses like strokes and heart attacks. So try sniffing farts at times as it’s good for you.

(3)  It helps you to balance your diet: farting can help give you clue into what food that is lacking in your diet. This is because different foods produce different kinds of gas. For instance, if you seldom pass gas, you probably need more fiber and foods like beans and lentils in your diet. Also, if you frequently release deeply unpleasant gas, then you may have to cut down on your red meat in take.

(4) Farting is good for your colon health: Occasionally, we tend to hold ourselves to avoid farting in the public. This is not bad but according to women’s health magazine, if you have other digestive issues, holding in your gas can potentially cause medical troubles for your colon.

(5) Farting reduces bloating: Bloating is a feeling of bodily swelling and temporary weight gain. Sometimes it is caused by gas waiting to escape. Letting the gas out will instantly reduce your bloating and discomfort.

(6) It can as well be an indication of good health: Healthier people fart more. This is because when you are okay and feed very well, it kicks your gut bacteria into high gear which means both better digestion and more production of gases.

Generally, farting gives you a huge relief and it is a normal part of food digestion. Absolutely everybody in the whole world has to do it and it is not a good sign to stay for long without farting. This is not a ticket for people to fart “irresponsibly” in the public but it is very pertinent that you know that holding it back may cause trouble and excusing yourself to do it outside the crowd will never take you to jail.

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