Balancing Ukelle’s wealth with contemporary realities

 Balancing Ukelle’s wealth with contemporary realities

Ukelle has for decades remained at the crossroad but with the recently established Education Trust Fund (ETF) to aid UKelle deserving sons and daughters, it appears an answer for her puzzle has be found.

No doubt that many illustrious sons and daughters of Ukelle Native have carved a niche for themselves through smart hardwork, commitment, passion and perseverance across various disciplines in all walks of life such as academics, military, Judiciary, health among others.

But having realised that setting up ETF will be a panacea for Ukelle grassroots development, what is the level of consideration given to character reformation towards reshaping our mindset and attitude with a view to achieving optimum result.

Considering the cataclysmic situation for pride of place in Ukelle among different categories of persons across all sectors, it will be challenging to emancipate and develop Ukelle to be among the committee of developed nations without paying adequate attention to basic tradition and cultural values including our moral etiquette.

Ukelle has indeed produced many firsts across various disciplines but only few have been able to match its impacts as the achievements is yet to reflect on the lives of the ordinary people.

All hope is not loss,true fight for even development in Ukelle requires a dispassionate and detribalize dealing for the interest of all irrespective of originality, education background or marrital status.

We can also sensitize our people in diaspora to endeavour to register their PVCs at home or transfer them to their respective voting points across ukelle the yala ii state constituency as its has advantage for our envisioned growth and development during election or census exercise.

The Ukelle firsts should as a matter of necessity put modalities in place where they can reach Ukelle in diaspora through functional associations that are duely recognized so that bringing them home during election or whenever they are needed there won’t be a problem.


COMR LUKPATA JAMES Writes from Lagos.

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