All 92 remaining Premier league games to be played from isolation camps

 All 92 remaining Premier league games to be played from isolation camps

By Victor Akuma

The English Premier League is making plans to complete its remaining 92 games for the 2019/2020 season behind closed doors with team squads, broadcast staff and officials leaving in isolation camps far from their families.

The decision also involves playing the matches in a world cup style as matches will be played everyday throughout the month of June and July.

This decision according to EPL is born out of appetite of clubs and players to finish the season and also in consideration of the massive financial implications of leaving the season undone.

EPL is said to equally have the backings of the government that believes that the games will help boost their economy and lift the spirits of the public, giving them something to fall back on during the lockdown period.

Upon resumption of the games, all team squads, the EPL officials and broadcast staff according to reports, will be lodged at different hotels with great health security measures.

The EPL however believes this decision will meet oppositions but states the games will be suspended should there be a single case of the virus among these crew identified.

Recall the English Premier League is among the many football leagues that halted their remaining games as a result of the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic across the world.

It is alleged that football enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for their favourite games to start again after an unprecedented halt. Maybe this could be an opportunity, even though fans that bring colour to the games might not be involved

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