Abortion: When the womb becomes a tomb

 Abortion: When the womb becomes a tomb

By Nwafor Chima

This piece is a dialogue between a foetus (child in the womb) and the prospective mother. It reveals the impulsive decisions some ladies have taken and still take when they cannot bear the brunt of pregnancy. It talks of how an innocent child is murdered by its mother.

Mother:  What is happening to me? Why these sudden changes in my body? These are signs of pregnancy I guess, but why now when I need to enjoy my life the most?. No it will not work; I must do something about this before it becomes too late!

Foetus: (In tears): Mother, what are you planning to do to me? Please do not kill me. Please!

Mother: (Sobbing but determinedly).  I do not have time yet to settle down with you. There is no responsible man for this pregnancy who should take care of both of us when I give birth. I cannot help having a child now, without a husband. What about my Christian reputation? I sing in the choir, I am a prayer warrior; in fact, my own is finished if I do not do something very fast.

Foetus: So you want to kill me so that you will continue to live comfortably, “enjoying your life”. Remember, here is a womb not a tomb, why burry me unborn? Have I done any wrong against you? Why murder a child you are supposed to mother? Oh! God hear my cry.

Mother:  You should know you are not yet a human being, so aborting you is never a murder case.

Foetus:     What did you just say ma? Did you hear yourself? Do you not know that human life begins at conception? Oh! What a wicked world. I would have loved to see it and make some changes at my own time. Oh mother! I have a right to live like every other human, born or unborn. Murder is prohibited by God and man. Abortion is murder and hence prohibited too. PLEASE DO NOT KILL ME.

Mother:   You seem to be too wise, your argument is reasonable. However, it does not mean that I must be the one to carry you with all your right to live in my womb, not me. You would have to find another person who cares to carry you and give birth to you. I do not want! I have my own right to have control over my own body. I think my own rights outweigh your own. After all, you are not yet a human being and I wonder who gives you all these rights you claim.

Foetus:   Mum, you know that I need your womb to survive. I will be defenseless and helpless outside it. Please help me! Remember God sent me to you to be a blessing though you. I am not being a burden to you. No matter the circumstance surrounding my coming, in wedlock or out of it, am still a precious gift from God. Please mother; remember the punishment which you may attract hereafter.

Mother:  (Being sober). What do I do? I have two options- to either let you live or abort you. I choose to abort you because I am not yet ready to carry you. Therefore, what the punishment may be, when it comes I will see what it brings with it. God will always forgive our sins, am no exception. He understands our weaknesses and imperfections.

The mother goes on and aborts the child; the child crying at the point of death: “Oh! Oh!! Oooo….no!!! No more children in this womb…..” Indeed, she actually protects her Christian repute, continued to sing in the choir.  But God has left her. She now awaits the consequences afterwards:

Later, she gets married!

Husband: (Disappointedly), Madam, this is 20 years of my marriage with you, yet we cannot even boast of one child. I have tried my best as a Christian faithful; I have stayed this long with you maintaining my faith, hoping on God to do miracles. Now I am out of patience. Let me try God in another way. Remember, series of medical tests carried on you revealed that you have a damaged womb. We have only been living on faith and hope but now I cannot wait any further. It is high time you packed out of this house, go stay with your parents so I can marry another wife who will bless my home with children.

Wife:  Please….., please, please! Do not do this to me. Please…..eeehhh….., remember the vow…. “Till death do us part”. She sobs, cries, falls, begs…. but attracted no sympathy because it is always “too late to weep when the head is off”. Thus, she is sent away…… no husband, no child, no home and no happiness. Should she go back to beg the aborted CHILD and turn to GOD for Forgiveness?

Before you take the same decision, please think twice. Because the consequence is usually devastating.


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