A review of Simi’s ‘Restless II’ EP

 A review of Simi’s ‘Restless II’ EP

By Emma Tallest

Simi sings about love, sometimes they say she is predictable when I talk to music critics and fans alike, they tend to point this out a lot of times.

Simi started out as a gospel artiste, her first album “Ogaju” was released in 2008 and was entirely produced by Samklef, yeah, the same Samklef Noni, she later switched to pop-influenced tunes a few years after, while the artiste cites the need to expand her fan base for her switch, some critic blamed the switch up on the lack of money in the gospel music industry.

Officially, Simi has been in the music industry for more than twelve years with six projects under her belt, the latest being Restless II which was released a few days ago under her new management team “Platoon”.

The EP runs for 22 minutes with production credit going to Sess the problem kid and Simi’s long-time producer ” Oscar” with Adekunle Gold, Ms. Banks, and Wurld helping out with their vocal.

Can we talk about the EP??

When I listen to “No Longer Beneficial ” remember an incident that happens to me a few years ago, I was with this girl, always doing daddy and mummy whenever we meet but I wanted mum. Unknown to me, she was just catching a cruise, I was taking her too seriously, the girl would be Simi on this song while the guy pestering her for a relationship would be me. This is an alte-soul tune.

There for you was the second coming of Be You off Simi’s last album, not even the change of beat pattern mislead. Ms. Banks came early on this tune, she was lit with her 16 bars. Soul- pop. Its an assurance song, no be only Chioma need am, every human need assurance once in awhile.

On city light, Simi was in her element, revealing some vulnerability, she is in love, heartbreak won’t be an option, the fusion of techno sound brought a different vibe to the song.

Despite all the impending warnings, a heartbreak finally happened, soulfully, she narrated the story, hearing her boyfriend calling another lady baby, damn! , that’s hurtful not even Wurld words of assurance could soothe the situationship.

I think everybody can relate to this song when the girl or guy doesn’t deserve the attention, care, love you showered on him/her. An ode to a former lover.

This duet is something a lot of fans would look forward to in this project, while a partner suffers from insecurity, the other partner fell for the bait blaming alcohol and the girl.

Restless is Simi’s third return to her terrain “Love”, the first being Restless I which was released in 2014 before she got signed to X3M record, second was her collaborative effort with Falz in 2017 and now this.

Restless is for somber reflection, a project you listen to her and question some of the relationship decisions you have taken, rue the time spent with the wrong people, yeah, Simi was that poignant in her delivery.

The production was superb, the fusion of Afropop, Afrosoul, and folk element was done in such a way it could appeal to everyone no matter where you are from. The mixing, the synchronization of instruments were top notch.

Simi has always been a good songwriter, on this EP, she did the same thing. It’s a good album but I don’t really expect much from it, commercial wise.

Grade: B2

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