Five ways to deal with stress

 Five ways to deal with stress

In today’s busy world, we are entangled in multiple activities, usually at once. To meet up with the day’s targets, anxiety, worry, and stress have become the new normal among people. We face stress in every day and everywhere — at home, on the road, just mention it.

This is usually overwhelming. It threatens our sanity, mental health, and overall well-being.

While stress can’t be ruled out, there are ways to manage it. Below are five simple techniques to help you deal with stress.

Engage in positive self-talk: Many a time, we talk about a lot of things in our head and sometimes, we do it out loud. Self-talk can be done in two forms, we either do it positively (I.e I can do it, I can achieve it, all will be fine, etc) or negatively (I can’t do that, it’s hard, I’m scared). 

The way we engage in self-talk reflects on us. Positive self-talk helps to reduce stress and calm us down while negative self-talk increases stress and affects us badly. To get involved in positive self-talk, we should learn to change negative thoughts into positive ones every day.

Practice Stress Knockout: Doing what we love in its natural way relieves stress. When one engages in activities such as going for a walk, chatting with friends, reading good books, cooking, and eating a favourite food, it’s easy to handle stress. 

Exercise:  This is also considered as one of the best ways to combat stress. It’s a healthy way to ease tension and anxiety. Exercising helps the brain in releasing the brain chemical known as endorphin; which plays a significant role in physical shape and makes you better.

Get Healthy Sleep: It is essential to get enough sleep so that your body can have enough time to repair itself from all stress. 

Eat a sumptuous meal: Another interesting way to relieve stress is eating a sumptuous meal after the day’s stress. This will revive the body back and it is recommended you do this with your loved ones. 

By Adegoke Awau

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